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I love vegetables but have never really known what to do with them except roast them. Since I only had one cooking method, I also one had three or four vegetables that I would make. That was fine for me, but when my son, G, started eating solid foods, I wanted to introduce him to a wide range of fruits and veggies. So, I decided to join my local CSA.

This was a little daunting not only because of the sheer amount of vegetables that would be coming to the house, but also because I hadn’t cooked with most of them. I love food and cooking but dislike eating the same meal over and over again. I knew this experiment would involve a lot of creativity. It would also involve a lot of eating and yummy dishes. I decided it was worth it. In September 2012, I embarked on the CSA Experiment.

I have three goals for this experiment:

1) To use all of the vegetables and fruits each week. Create little to no waste.

2) To find quick ways to cook or prepare the food.

3) To make dishes that are tasty for adults and babies/toddlers.

And so, armed with my CSA bag, my pantry and my baby food maker, I’m off to see what results the CSA Experiment will produce.


– I measure time in TKT (Total Kitchen Time) instead of dividing it up between prep and cooking time.

– Here’s a link to my CSA’s webpage. I go to the Five Points Farmer’s Market CSA in Norfolk, VA.

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