This Week’s Bag – 4/12/14


I’m really excited about this week’s bag. I love everything in it and can’t wait to devour the items.

I’ll go ahead and roast the beets to keep in the fridge for meals. They take so long to cook, it’s just a lot easier to cook them all at once and have them ready to go. I know for sure there will be a Beet and Goat Cheese Salad in the mix at some point this week. I think I’ll also look around and see if there are other recipes that sound tasty. I also plan to puree one of the beets up and give it to L to try. We’ll see what she says.

The kale and spring onions will likely find themselves in a salad. I was in New York this past weekend and went to a restaurant where they put kale in everything (it was their schtick). I had a quinoa salad with kale, peas, and sweet corn. It was yummy. I think adding some spring onions and a little olive oil and vinegar would be interesting. Maybe also some feta cheese because, really, what isn’t good with a little cheese added to it?

The grapefruit will become juice. That’s just the way that is going to work.

I love bok choy and am super excited about that. Another side dish I had this weekend was bok choy sautéed in, I think, fish sauce, garlic, and cayenne pepper. It was awesome. I might try using a ginger sesame dressing on it. We’ll see. At any rate, it will be sautéed and either served as a side or in a pasta. Though, I did find this recipe for it in a salad, which sounds intriguing.

And, of course the radishes. Excellent roasted, or, served with lemon cream, as I did last year. My mouth is watering at the idea, so that will likely be the fate of this week’s radishes. Oh. Now I’m really excited!

Off to the grocery store to get supplies…

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