This Week’s Bag – Week of 4/5/14



The first week of the Spring CSA started off colorfully. We got naval oranges, cherry tomatoes, green beans, fennel, chicory endive, and green beans. This was the first time I’d ever had fennel. I’ve been meaning to try it but, quite honestly, have been too scared to buy it since I really dislike the flavor of anise. That’s one of the reasons I got the CSA in the first place though – to force myself to try vegetables I wouldn’t otherwise buy. I used it in a salad and have some more thoughts about the matter, which I will post about next.

I broke out my citrus juicer on Saturday and G helped me juice some oranges. There is truly nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice. I suspect that most of these oranges will also end up as juice. Both because I like it and because it is a fun, kitchen-related activity to do with my two-year-old.

The chicory endive was spicy, like arugula, so is nice as an addition to salads. I’m going to investigate further for other uses. Stay tuned.

The cherry tomatoes will likely find themselves paired with some pasta (heated and squished to make a fresh sauce) and with some fresh mozzarella.

And then there is are the green beans. One of the only three vegetables my husband will eat and one of the only three vegetables G and I really don’t care for. But, here we are, saddled with a pound of them. I’ve found that green beans roasted in olive oil and salt unit they are crispy like french fries are eatable and, dare I admit, bordering on good. That is likely what will happen to these. And, I’m busy introducing L to different foods of the pureed variety, so some will likely go that route as well.

Happy eating!

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