Juicing Intervention

Guys, I’m obsessed with my new juicer. A juicing intervention might be required.

So far, I’ve made an apple, grape, kale, and cucumber juice and an apple, carrot, spaghetti squash, and ginger juice. Both have been amazing. Not only do they taste awesome, I get all my veggies and fruits without having to put much thought into it! And G loved the juice, too, so he’s getting all those nutrients as well!

I’m still working on proportions. The recipes I’ve used so far have been delicious but I’m thinking I can cut back on the apples and make the juices a little less sweet. I love the ginger addition to give the juices a little punch. I’m going to hunt around for some more juicing recipes but it seems like pretty much anything goes!

I’m hoping to control myself and not become someone who has only liquid meals, but it’s going to be hard!

Kale-apple-grape juice

3 apples
1/2 bag red grapes
1 cucumber
1 bunch curly kale


Apple-carrot-spaghetti squash juice

4 apples
3 carrots
1 spaghetti squash
1″ ginger



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