This Week’s Bag – 8/24/13

And we’re back to being on top of posting! Yay!


I was actually quite surprised to find acorn and butternut squash in the bag this week. I really associate them with fall and winter, so would have thought we’d have a couple more weeks before seeing them. I like them both (butternut squash better than acorn) so it’s fine by me. I love butternut squash risotto, so will likely make that this week. Interestingly, the information sheet I got with the veggies said that butternut squash can be stored in the fridge for a month. Acorn squash is good for 2 weeks. Excellent to know.

We also got more butter beans this week. I still have some from last week that I’m working on. One of the suggested recipes was butter bean hummus. I thought that sounded intriguing so am going to give that a shot. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m excited about the apples and kale. I got a juicer for my birthday last week and can’t wait to try it out. This apple, kale, and ginger juice recipe sounds yummy. This recipe adds carrots and doesn’t have the honey, so might make a good comparison juice. I’d think that the apples would be sweet enough on their own so adding honey might be over the top, but maybe not. Anyway, I’m excited. Any good juicing recipes would be much appreciated.


One response to “This Week’s Bag – 8/24/13

  1. I juiced a red cabbage with green apple and lime and it was the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen. Delicious and healthy too.

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