This Week’s Bag – 8/17/13

I’m continuing with my catch up posting. Last week’s bag, the one from 8/17, had some items that flew off the shelf and some that are still hanging on.


The raspberries were gone on Saturday – the same day that they arrived in the house. One of the main reasons for this is that they just don’t keep. It’s incredible how fast they mold. In fact, before they got eaten, we had to get rid of a few that were already gone off. Very odd.

The sunflower and beet sprout combination was incredible. They were crisp and crunchy but subtle. I tossed them on top of some chicken salad and they were amazing. They also went quickly.

I used the butter beans in a stew that turned out very well. I like to keep stews in the freezer for G for evenings when he’s starving and needs food pronto. This beef, butter bean, and veggie stew is now on the hit list. I left out the red wine, used beef stock instead of chicken stock, and left out the capers and hot sauce. It was delicious. G loved it and I did, too.

I actually forgot the mushrooms were in the fridge, but now that I remember, I’ll probably just sautĂ© them with some herbs. Mmm. And, of course, the elephant garlic will remain in the fridge to be used in recipes calling for lots of garlic. The cloves are enormous. It’s kinda funny, actually.


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