This Week’s Bag – 8/3/13

This week’s entry is slightly late, but it’s a good one. We got a bag of peaches that were incredible. They were ripe within 2 days and had this beautiful yellow flesh that was painted with red. Lovely.

We also got some Roma tomatoes and Italian eggplant, which I have just today made into a crostada with corn. I’ll post the recipe. It was tasty.

There were also some cucumbers, which have been serving as the base to the many chopped salads we’re eating for lunch and some red onions that will find their way into a dish here or there. The blueberries are being consumed almost entirely by G who loves them. We get the odd one here or there when we can sneak it by him.

In the bag…


Peaches – Pickett Harbor Farm

Red Onions – Culipher Farms

Cucumbers – Culipher Farms

Italian Eggplant – Dodd’s Acres

Roma Tomatoes – Dodd’s Acres



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