The Eggplant Question

So I have the answer to the question, “what is the difference between an Italian and a Japanese eggplant?” The answer is…very little. To me, anyway. I would agree that the Japanese eggplant was milder than the Italian eggplant but they were both clearly eggplants.

To find the answer, I cut up one of each eggplant, tossed it with olive oil and salt and roasted them at 400F for 30 minutes. They were both yummy. After I’d decided that they were pretty similar, I tossed them into a frittata with mushrooms, feta, and oregano. That was yummy too.


One response to “The Eggplant Question

  1. It’s a great question. I tend to use the japanese “the long ways” by shredding it into pastas. I cut the Italian cross-wise. I have no idea why.

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