This Week’s Bag – 5/11/12

Week 3 of asparagus. But that’s ok because we like asparagus a lot. So far, I’ve made risotto with asparagus and zucchini as well as farro with roasted asparagus and green beans. A frittata with asparagus, kale, and meatballs is currently in the oven.

I’m going to try some kale chips this week, I think. I’ve made them a couple times and they’ve been ok. The first time, I didn’t use enough salt. The second, I used too much. Third time’s a charm?

Also, as an update, I ended up making pesto with my mixed greens from last week. It was yummy. Thanks for all the lettuce suggestions that came in!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there -especially mine!

In the bag:


Asparagus (Picket Harbor Farm, Eastern Shore)
Oyster mushrooms (A.M. Fog, Afton Mountain)
Leeks (Penny Produce, Eastern Shore)
Curly Kale (Sunnyside Farm, Cumberland)
Strawberries (Sunnyside Farm, Cumberland)

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