This Week’s Bag – 2/8/13

It was a smaller bag this week, but that’s ok. It contained some yummy items, some of which disappeared the first day and others that are on their way into meals as we speak. The Cherokee lettuce was the perfect size for a one-person salad, so I had that for lunch with Joe’s dressing the day it came home. The dried persimmons were quite a treat. The skins are pretty chewy, but they’re tasty so once you know that you’re going to have to work a little harder there, you get to really enjoy the fruit.

In the bag:Image

Bok choy – Wayne’s Produce, Jarret, VA

Cherokee Lettuce – Wayne’s Produce, Jarret, VA


Sliced Dried Persimmons – Belula Land Fruits


UPDATE: No astounding recipes came out of this bag, but I did enjoy what I made. I tossed the bok choy into some homemade chicken broth with some rice and had a yummy, simply soup for lunch on a cold winter day. We cooked up the carrots by steaming them and tossing them with some butter and salt. A simply yet delicious side to the lamb and potatoes we had for dinner.


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