This Week’s Bag – 1/26/13

Lots of green in this week’s bag. I continue to be surprised that all this green stuff can grow in the region (Southern VA and Northern N.C.) but apparently, it does. The crazy weather must help somehow. On Friday, it snowed 2-3 inches and on Wednesday, it’s supposed to be 70 degrees! What?

Back to the bag, I have a question…what is broccoli rabe? Whenever I’ve bought broccoli rabe in the store, it looks like baby broccoli florets with long stems. The rabe in this week’s bag is a bunch of leaves. I’ve been looking at recipes and most of the pictures I’ve found are like the kind in the store and not the leaf variety. Are there different kinds of broccoli rabe? If anyone knows, I’d love to hear…

On another note, I’m excited about trying the kimchi recipe included with the bag. It suggested using the Tokoyo bekana to make a kimchi. Sounds interesting and kinda fun. I mean, what about fermenting food in your fridge on purpose isn’t fun, right?

In the bag:


Swiss Chard – New Earth Farm, VA Beach, VA

Watermelon Radish – Brother’s Farm, N.C.

Broccoli Rabe – Brother’s Farm, N.C.

Tokoyo Bekana – Brother’s Farm, N.C.

Red Grapefruit – Florida


Suggested additions, substitutions or variations? Leave a Reply

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