Kale and Vitamin Green Rice with Chicken Sausage


I found this recipe while poking around for something to do with the vitamin greens and it looked promising. I also must admit that it was basically the only recipe that suggested I do something other than sauté them in garlic and olive oil and enjoy. I’m all about cooking greens that way (as you know by now) but I was hoping for something a little more interesting.

I roasted the greens in garlic and olive oil and used rice instead of pasta. Once the greens were a little wilted, I removed them from the pan and used the same pan to cook  the chicken sausage. When I mixed everything together, it was a little bland, so I tossed in some olive oil and lemon juice. Yum. That did it. The dish was light, flavorful, and refreshing.

The recipe:


1 cup cooked rice

2 chicken sausage links, sliced

1 small head of kale/1 cup kale, chopped

1 cup vitamin greens, chopped

4 TB olive oil

1 clove garlic, minced

2 TB lemon juice

Yield: 3 servings

TKT: 30 minutes

Cook the rice according to the directions on the package.

Heat 2 TB oil and garlic until fragrant in a skillet over medium heat (2-3 minutes).

Add chopped greens and sauté until slightly wilted (7-8 minutes).



Remove greens and place in mixing or serving bowl.

Add sausage links to same pan you cooked the greens in. Sauté until brown (7-8 minutes).


Add sausage and cooked rice to bowl with greens. Toss with remaining 2 TB of olive oil and lemon juice. Serve hot.

Suggestions, additions, or subsitutions

  • I used chicken sausage with feta and spinach but any would work. You could probably also use pork sausage, but that might overwhelm the greens a bit.
  • Any green would work in this dish – spinach, chard, etc.

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