This Week’s Bag

This is the first week back since Thanksgiving (no CSA bag over the holiday weekend) and I find that I’m struggling a bit to get back into gear. Between still being full from Thanksgiving weekend and being suddenly hit with the realization that Christmas is three weeks away, I find myself spending more time checking my gift lists than cooking.

Thankfully, the CSA powers-that-be seem to have foreseen that and gave me a bag of items that keep and/or are easy to use. Three of my old friends have come back to say hello – butter beans, cauliflower, and asian pears. Parsnips were also in the bag, which are proving to be a welcome shift from the typical carrots I use in G’s baby stews. I roasted some of the cauliflower last night in olive oil and salt and it was superb.

The tricky vegetable this week is the crease greens. Like the tatsoi, I’d never heard of crease greens. I took a bite and they were sharp and tangy and clearly related to the mustard greens from a few weeks ago. I’ve just looked them up and, indeed, they’re in the mustard family. The closest plant relative, though, is watercress. All the sites I found about crease greens were written by people in the Appalachians or Eastern Tennessee, which makes me wonder if those are the only places “creasies” grow. My CSA handout from this week only says they are from “VA”. No grower noted. Many sites recommended using these greens in salads, but they were a little to sharp for my salad preference. This site had the best description of them as well as an intriguing recipe that I’m thinking of trying.

So, onwards…

In the bag:


Butter Beans – Wayne’s produce

Cauliflower – W.T. Nottingham

Crease Greens

Asian Pears – Mountain View Orchard



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