Waiter, There’s Tatsoi (and Dirt) in My Soup!

When I opened my fridge at lunchtime today, I took one look at the tatsoi and thought, “oh, you poor thing!” It was the most wilted, pathetic looking bunch of greens I’d seen in a long time. Apparently, the suggestion to use the tatsoi within a day or two of collecting it was one I should have heeded. Today is day 3. I had been planning to do something with it today anyway but after one look at it, I decided it was a must.

The suggestions I’d found when researching the vegetable were either to use raw in a salad or add to a soup. I took a small nibble of the tatsoi and found it to be quite tangy and reminiscent of mustard greens. I can see how it would be an interesting and spicy addition to a salad (just as arugula is) but wasn’t in the mood for that today. So, I went with a staple and plopped it into some chicken broth. What really surprised me was that, once cooked, the spice and tang disappeared completely. The tatsoi absorbed the flavor of the soup and really reminded me of bok choy. It was nice. I felt like I was doing something good by eating my greens but they didn’t interfere with my chicken soup experience. The perfect addition, in my opinion. (As you may recall, chicken soup is a personal favorite and is one of the reasons I could never be vegetarian.)

I did learn one important lesson today that I would like to share: when you rinse off a vegetable and an entire pot’s worth of dirt comes out, go back and rinse again. I thought I’d gotten all the dirt off the tatsoi, but ended up spending a few minutes picking dirt out of my soup. I know a little dirt never hurt anyone, but I dislike crunchy chicken soup. Call me picky.

To wrap up:

1. Raw tatsoi = mustard greens.

2. Cooked tatsoi = bok choy.

3. Always rinse your veggies multiple times before tossing into your meal.


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