In This Week’s Bag

This week’s bag contained two items of particular interest to me: persimmons and tatsoi.

I’ve heard of persimmons but, in the spirit of total honesty, had them totally confused with pomegranates. I was a little surprised when I saw the orange tomato-like fruit under the persimmons sign but then remembered that pomegranates are reddish purple and have like a million seeds. I’ve faced down pomegranates before and it was messy to say the least, so I was happy not to have to deal with them this week. The sign above the persimmons at the CSA table said that they’re very sweet and you can just chow down on them. When I got home, I decided to give that a whirl. Guys, I have a new favorite fruit. The persimmon. It’s super sweet and tender and just yummy. G and I both had persimmons in our oatmeal this morning and we agreed that it was delicious.

Tatsoi, on the other hand, I have never heard of. It’s quite pretty. A lush, dark greeen. It reminded me of bok choy (sort of) because of the connection at the stem. I did a little research and learned that tatsoi is indeed related to bok choy and is good both raw and in soups. I’ll most likely give that a whirl.

This week we also got two more tomatoes, which is good since the last time I got tomatoes they both molded after a couple days. I’m not sure what happened to be honest. Any ideas about how to keep my tomatoes from molding without refrigerating them would be appreciated. I’ve popped this week’s into the fridge but they really lose flavor when refrigerated so I’d prefer to keep them at room temperature.

So, here’s what’s in the bag this week…

In this week’s bag:


Hayman white sweet potatoes – W.T. Nottingham

Tatsoi – New Earth Farm

Butter Beans – Wayne’s Produce

Persimmons – Beula Land Fruit


5 responses to “In This Week’s Bag

  1. Glad to hear that you liked persimmons – they are quite delicious. There are some Asian varieties (which I have only seen in Asia unfortunately) which are super soft and juicy – like an overripe tomato and the seeds are not fully formed so you can eat them too. It’s got the same taste as the crunchy ones but also completely different.

    I have never heard of Tatsoi either though

    • The sign at my CSA said that these would be crunchy at first and very soft and juicy when extra ripe. I’m not sure I’ll be able to wait for them to get that ripe though. They’re so good! I just blogged about my tatsoi experience. It’s an interesting vegetable. Tangy when raw and almost creamy when cooked.

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