In This Week’s Bag

Whew. No peppers this week. I was a little worried that I would be swamped with peppers of all colors and shapes in retribution for throwing out last week’s. Fortunately, it seems Mother Nature understands and let me off the hook.

In the bag:

Gold Rush Apples (Saunders Brothers)

Butter Beans (Wayne’s Produce)

Fresh Collard Greens (Kirby Farms)

Purple Sweet Potatoes (Slade Farm)

Eggplant (Kirby Farms)

I’ve never seen purple sweet potatoes, so I’m pretty excited about those. As you know, G loves him some sweet po’s so those will come in very handy. We got collard greens again, but about 1/3 as many. That added to the fact that I’ve figured out about braising them in ginger and I’m feeling pretty good about my new friends, the collards. We also got more apples. I think that G and I are starting to resemble apples. We both love them though so it’s ok. I’m planning on making an apple bread this week to change things up a bit. I’m also planning on a veggie stew for G with the potatoes and beans and an eggplant salad.

As always, I’ll post those recipes as they happen.


3 responses to “In This Week’s Bag

  1. I used the last of my eggplant (I think) in a great pasta dish this week. Cooked it down with garlic cloves and sundried tomatoes in olive oil. It’s called melted eggplant and it was delish.

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