In This Week’s Bag

It’s here. The week I have been dreading since I signed up for this CSA. The first of what I assume will be many weeks of the one item of produce that I have disliked my entire life: peppers. I’m not going to lie. When I got to the CSA table and saw the green peppers, I seriously considered “forgetting” to get my two. They donate the uncollected food to a local shelter or soup kitchen. Surely, someone at one of those places likes peppers. “No,” I told myself, “buck up. This is part of the experiment.” So, I grabbed my two peppers, seeking out the smallest peppers in the box, and dutifully put them in my tote bag.  I collected my other items and headed home, determined to find a way that I could swallow peppers. And, in the spirit of total honesty, wondering if perhaps G would love peppers so much he’d eat both.

In this week’s bag:


Staymen Apples – Old Home Orchard

Red Cabbage – Andrews Farm

Green Bell Pepper – Virginia Produce

Smooth Kale – Kirby Farm

Grape Tomatoes – Sunnyside Farm

Butter beans – Wayne’s Produce


2 responses to “In This Week’s Bag

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