Applesauce Refrigerator Oatmeal

I find breakfast to be one of the hardest meals of the day. I don’t want to cook first thing in the morning but I’m hungry. Sometimes, often, really, breakfast cereal just doesn’t cut it. A couple weeks ago, I was in one of my breakfast ruts so I went searching online for breakfast recipes. I found this recipe and was intrigued. I finally got a chance to make it yesterday. I have to admit, I was a little surprised but it was delicious! More importantly for me in the morning, it was already ready when I wanted to eat. No prep involved except grabbing a spoon and digging in. My kind of breakfast.

As usual, I didn’t actually have some of the ingredients on hand, so I improvised. I’m big into Kefir at the moment and happened to have the greek style Kefir in my fridge. I used Kefir instead of the milk and greek yoghurt the original recipe called for. I also had already made apple cinnamon applesauce from this week’s apples, so just tossed that in. Nothing like using leftovers to make a new meal. I also liked the honey in here and definitely think it was needed. The oatmeal would have been too sour without it.

The original website had a bunch of different combinations for this refrigerator oatmeal. They all sound pretty interesting so I might give them a try.

The recipe:

1/4 c uncooked old fashioned rolled oats

1/2 c Greek-style Kefir

1/4 c cinnamon applesauce

1 tsp honey

In a small jar or bowl with a lid, combine ingredients.

Mix well by shaking (be sure the lid is tight!) or stirring.

Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Suggested additions, substitutions and variations

  • Agave or maple syrup would also work in place of the honey.
  • Walnuts would be good but I would probably toss those in in the morning. They might get soggy overnight.

Suggested additions, substitutions or variations? Leave a Reply

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